What to Expect


Your First Visit

At your first visit, you will fill out a health history, and we will take appropriate x-rays. The doctor will work with the team to perform a thorough examination of your entire mouth, including an oral cancer screening and an exam of the supporting structure of your teeth. The doctor will explain all of the findings to you, and if you have treatment needs or desires, you will have plenty of time to discuss this.

If necessary, a treatment plan will be created and explained to you. If you have dental insurance, we will provide an estimate of what your dental insurance will cover. We can also offer financing options to help pay for your treatment.

At Mint Dental, we do everything with your comfort and health as our top priorities.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Most people have a professional dental cleaning at their first appointment, and at least every 6 months. There are two types of cleanings: a routine cleaning (dental prophylaxis) or a deeper cleaning (scaling and root planing). We will thoroughly assess your gum and bone health to determine which cleaning is necessary for you.

If your first visit is an Emergency Visit, we will focus on the urgent issue, and we can often treat the cause of the emergency at that same visit.