Dentures and Partials


At Mint Dental, we make dentures and partials in a step-by-step and detailed manner. We do not believe that the highest quality can be achieved when rushing the process. We take precise impressions of your mouth using very accurate impression material. Next, we determine the bite of your denture and the alignment of your teeth- something that is completely unique for each person. We typically try-in the denture or the partial in wax prior to the final appointment so that you can approve the appearance before the appliance is finalized. We expect to see you after we give you or “deliver” your appliance so that we can verify the fit and make necessary adjustments.

If you need front teeth removed, we are very conscientious of the fact that this can be traumatic and embarrassing. We will not leave you without at least a temporary replacement for your front teeth, so that you will feel comfortable when you leave our office.

We also frequently make dentures or partials that are supported by or anchor to implants to add stability to your appliance.

Please contact us if you are interested in replacing an ill-fitting appliance or if you are interested in a denture or partial.