Whitening for Life

What is Whitening for Life?

At Mint Dental, once you have whitened your teeth with us, we want to help you keep them that way! We offer two whitening services:

Take Home Whitening- We take impressions of your mouth and fabricate custom-made whitening trays (like clear plastic retainers) that you use at home to whiten your teeth with our prescription-strength whitening gel.

In Office Whitening- With In Office Whitening, we use our strongest whitening product to whiten your teeth while under our supervision. We use a special “block out” material to protect your gums, and we retract your cheeks to protect them as well. The procedure takes about 1 hour. In Office Whitening includes the take home whitening trays. With this combination, you will achieve the whitest results.

After whitening in our office, as a reward for our patients who keep their regular appointments, we give you a free touch up tube of prescription-strength whitening gel at each 6 month visit.