Cosmetic Dentistry

At Mint Dental, we see cosmetic cases every day.

Transforming smiles is one of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry.


If your find yourself hiding your teeth, covering your mouth when you smile, or avoiding smiling at all, then it could be time for a smile makeover. You don’t have to be a celebrity to want a beautiful smil

e. Feeling good about your smile can brighten your life every day, both professionally and socially. And the best part is, changing your smile is often not as time-consuming or as difficult as you might think, especially with modern, minimally-invasive techniques. In as few as one or two appointments, you could end up with the smile you have always wanted. After it’s finished, patients usually wonder why they did not seek treatment sooner.

The cosmetic services we offer include:

-In Office and Take Home Whitening
-Porcelain Veneers
-Porcelain Crowns
-White Fillings (“bonding”)
-Minor Tooth Movement

In our office, cosmetic changes that involve porcelain will almost always be accompanied by a visit to our dental lab. At the lab, photos will be taken to insure that the shade and color of your teeth will match your other teeth and fit harmoniously with your facial shape. Our laboratory offers the highest available quality.

Schedule a consultation and let’s talk about how you can get the smile that you deserve!