We’re Green!

We believe that a health care facility should care about the health of the environment. After all, how can the humans that live in a place be healthy if their surroundings are not? We have tried to construct our dental practice in a way that reflects this concern for the environment whenever we could efficiently do so.

These are some of the aspects of our office that reflect our “green” vision:

-We selected some environmentally-friendly materials when building the practice. These include: bamboo flooring, 100% recycled material for cabinetry, cambria countertops (a natural, green alternative to granite, mined and manufactured in the U.S.), and low-VOC paint.

-Some characteristics of our office greatly reduce water usage. We have dual-flush toilets and a dry evacuation system that uses no water- potentially saving a quarter million gallons of water annually.

-We are a mercury-free office, and we use a special filtration system to prevent the mercury removed from old dental fillings from entering wastewater.

-We are reducing paper and plastic waste in several ways. We have digital patient charts, and we can make all of your communications with our office paper-free, if you prefer. We choose items that can be sterilized and reused instead of disposables whenever possible. We are wrapping our instruments in surgical-grade fabric for sterilization instead of paper. We recycle the office paper that is used, as well as any plastic bottles or aluminum used by staff or patients.

-Our office uses digital x-rays, exposing patients to significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays, and eliminating the need for the toxic chemicals traditionally used in x-ray processing.

-We are latex free. Due to the high number or latex allergies in the community, we substitute nitrile gloves as a safer option.

-Our medical waste is actually turned into building material! Check it out.

-Whenever possible, we always purchase the “green” alternative: We have the most effective disinfectant and cleaning wipes, that happen to also be environmentally-friendly! You can read about them here. We also purchase cardboard suction tips instead of plastic and our cotton products are organic. We use eco-friendly cleaning products for the floors and bathrooms. We print our business cards and brochures on recycled paper, and the toothbrushes that we give out are made from recycled plastic.preserve