All About Teeth Whitening…

All About Teeth Whitening…

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Teeth whitening is everywhere- you can buy kits at the store, online, in salons, and you can have a teeth whitening procedure in a dental office.  The questions people ask us are: “What is the best way to whiten my teeth?” And “What is the difference between In Office Whitening and Take Home Whitening?”

“What is the best way to whiten my teeth?”

First of all, the difference between whitening under the supervision of a dentist and whitening in any other way is that dentists have prescription-strength whitening products, and we know how to handle them. We have the strongest whitening products available and will use them in the proper way, providing you the best results in a safe environment.

Before you whiten your teeth, you need to have an exam by a dentist. The dentist can explain to you what results you can expect from whitening. For example, fillings and certain white spots will not change with whitening and may need to be replaced or treated differently. Sometimes, the results you want can be obtained only through filling material or porcelain. It is best to know this before you whiten your teeth. Also, the dentist can make sure that whitening is not going to harm your teeth. You do not want to place whitening gel into deep areas of decay, and often patients do not know that they have these areas of decay without a proper exam and x-rays.

“What is the difference between In Office Whitening and Take Home Whitening?”

With In Office Whitening, we use our strongest whitening product to whiten your teeth while under our supervision. We use a special “block out” material to protect your gums, and we retract your cheeks to protect them as well. The procedure takes about 1 hour.

Some practices add a light or a laser to their In Office Whitening procedure, but we have decided not to. The reason we have made that decision is that the effectiveness of the light and laser have not  been proven, and many patients complain of extreme sensitivity after a whitening procedure with a light or laser. We have very few if any complaints in our office after whitening.

At Mint Dental, In Office Whitening includes take home whitening trays. With this combination, you will achieve the whitest results.

Take Home Whitening involves taking impressions of your mouth and the fabrication of custom-made whitening trays (like clear plastic retainers) that you use at home to whiten your teeth with a prescription-strength whitening gel. Although it is stronger than any products that you can buy outside of a dental office, it does not require the gum protection that the in office whitening gel requires.

At Mint Dental, after you have whitened your teeth, you are enrolled in our Whitening for Life Program. If you keep your regular cleaning appointments, we will give you a touch up tube of whitening gel free of charge. That way, you can maintain your teeth at their whitest over the years.

We would be happy to discuss tooth whitening options further with you. Feel free to contact our office with any questions.