Baby teeth (or as we call them “primary teeth”) have a two very important functions. First of all, the kid needs to eat! Just like with adults, children need to be able to chew their food. The other function that is perhaps not so obvious is that the baby tooth is the placeholder for the adult […]

-Periodontal disease is the loss of bone and support structure around teeth. It is a serious, chronic disease process that is more than just gingivitis. -“Perio” means “around” and “dontal” refers to teeth.  So periodontal disease is disease around the teeth. -Periodontal disease is caused by chronically having bacteria around your teeth.  These bacteria cause […]

We support the conservative use of fluoride in our office; however we respect your rights as a patient to refuse fluoride treatments and products. Why do we support fluoride use? -We believe in Evidence Based Research.  This means that all of the decisions about treatments and products that we use in our office are backed […]

Teeth whitening is everywhere- you can buy kits at the store, online, in salons, and you can have a teeth whitening procedure in a dental office.  The questions people ask us are: “What is the best way to whiten my teeth?” And “What is the difference between In Office Whitening and Take Home Whitening?” “What […]

The typical training to be a dentist involves 4 years of college followed by 4 years of dental school. We take 2 national written board examinations. The first tests you on basic science and the science of the human body- these are things like biochemistry, anatomy, etc. The second board has more specific questions about […]

Many people for various reasons are missing a permanent tooth at some point in their lives. The questions then are: How do I replace my tooth? Do I even have to replace my tooth? What happens if I don’t have a tooth there? First, there are several reasons why you should replace a missing tooth. Even […]