Baby teeth- why are they important?

Baby teeth- why are they important?

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Baby teeth (or as we call them “primary teeth”) have a two very important functions. First of all, the kid needs to eat! Just like with adults, children need to be able to chew their food.┬áThe other function that is perhaps not so obvious is that the baby tooth is the placeholder for the adult tooth. (We call this the “permanent tooth.”) If a primary tooth is missing, the one behind it often will move forward, and the permanent tooth in the bone below will not have a place to go. Sometimes this permanent tooth will be completely trapped. This can have major ramifications for the overall tooth alignment in the mouth.

Another reason to maintain the health of a primary tooth is because of the risk of infection. Just like permanent teeth, primary teeth can become infected. This can be painful and can affect the entire body. Dental infections can sometimes be serious.

We love to see children at Mint Dental! Children often come for their first visit before the age of 2. We usually start out with a basic cleaning and exam, sometimes on the parent’s lap. We show the child our instruments and how things work. We want them to feel comfortable and never have a fear of a trip to the dentist. Parents can help by always speaking positively in front of their children about dentistry- it makes a big difference!

At Mint Dental, we are honored to be the dental office for your entire family.